ToonBooms workarounds are proving to be frustrating.

First and foremost ive been scavenging the forums for answers and such to problems that arise and that either a: Can’t be done, and or B: Workaround.

Starting with the most drastic, A. You cannot add scenes to timeline. That in itself is a deal breaker and puts up a barrier for the artist. Ive read lilly’s pros and cons to adding scenes, but personally using symbols as a scene subsitute doesn’t work all that well. Ex: lets say i have 2 characters in their own layer, that need to interact with eachother using different scenes for different actions with the 2 characters, would prove to be more work efficient than to use symbols to manage different animations for the same scene. With symbols its more of a hassle to flip through a different image for an image substitution. Things would clutter fast as well, ex if i need to repeat the same scene but for different actions. Without new scenes then the only way would be to work on 1 scene at the time and export that and open a new project to make scene 2 (or exporting the same scene with different animations in different layers) and by doing this methode, again you would need symbols or else you wont be able to find your work in the library, and the thing with symbols is once you make an action to it it updates it throughout the library (another form of cluttering the library to get different animations per scene in different layers ready to be exported, because you would need to sybolize the same drawings again because they would hold a new set of animations) Personally i would of liked to make a different animation style per scene of the same 2 characters without the use of symbols and its drawing substitution. I dont like the idea of opening the characters symbols timeline to draw and or animate in it to then close it and try to match the interaction done with the other character, if that makes sense. The use of simple action script to add buttons and flip through different scenes(if it was implemented) would avoid the use of exporting to flash to add actionscript and lose quality by compression, and avoid paying for another software which isn’t cheap by the way.

Also the other thing mentioned was to export individual .anim files. But that makes things confusing in the end, ex: you have 2 scenes and your using a camera that will film both scenes with no cut. How will you do this? (this will prove to be another difficult workaround since the camera is on its seperate layer and thus cannot be imported into another software) the only way i could think would be importing both .anim files to lets say an video editing software and do your camera work there where you could get your seamless one shot take of both scenes. (except you wont be able to use true3d space camera effect on your screen in another software and your scene will not render the way you first intended it to, in toon boom animate)

Sorry if some parts seem confusing ive tried my best to explain myself if there are ways to solve a problem i mentioned that i may have missed please let me know as im keen to sticking with toon boom but the high price of this program needs to prove itself before i cash out so easily. There are other animation software out there that i heard of that offer some better solutions to these problems but then again, i do not own them so i do not know.

bottom line: please consider a option for adding scenes to lines and simple action script (can be pre-made too) ex; goto, play, stop, next scene, next frame etc. Thank you!

Do you realize that you can make your whole scene into a template that you can then drag into other scenes as an instance? This is actually the best way to share scene data in Animate Pro. Symbols should only be used as containers for elements whose positions relative to each other never changes (such as the lower leg and knee patch for example). Using symbols in other cases is almost always much more cumbersome.