ToonBoom wallpaper?

I know this is silly but do you ToonBoom folks have any ToonBoom wallpapers?

Desktop only. But Now that I see why you asked the question, I might have to forget about that lol.

OK thanks I would also like the powered by toon boom logo so I can brag to my fellow Flash users at the end of my animation:).

A powered by Toon Boom logo would be great to put at the end of videos. I would be interested in this as well.

I have a bunch that I’ve made for my desktop for when at a studio to do training or when im teaching a class at a school. I will put together a package and forward the desktop wallpapers to Karina so that they can be shared with other users.

Ive uploaded some to the public folder on my skydrive. Here’s the link to the folder


How are you going to use this? Is it to put on your desktop, or at the end of a video?


I asked because we do have a “Powered by Toon Boom” logo that we can give people to put at the end of videos, if they want that.

We might have some wallpapers lying around here, but we don’t currently have any on the website for download. You can email Karina, and she will see if she can find any.