ToonBoom trial issues

I downloaded ToonBoom Trial version to work on a project and now I’m having serious issues. I was aware that once I uploaded the project into the trial version I wouldn’t be able to go back to the regular program on my other computer, but I didn’t care about the watermark.

Well, it appears the trial version won’t let me export anything. My animation teacher even downloaded a trial version on a lab computer, moved it there, and it still wouldn’t export a video to QuickTime or Flash. Oddly, if we had a web browser up when we tried to export, it would crash the browser.

It seems that not everybody has this problem. Three others in my class did, and one girl said she exported to a QuickTime from the trial version with no problem.

I’m pretty desperate at this point. Surely there has to be some way to get this thing to play as a video. There’s just no way the trial version makes files incompatible with both Flash and QuickTime. If anybody has advice, please let me know.

having same exact problem, also video and sound options wont work.

Keep in mind that you need Quicktime to export to movie and import audio.
On Windows 10 the latest quictkime versions are broken and you need to instead
install 7.7.6 or 7.7.7 which you can get from Apple here:

If you think your Quicktime might be damaged or missing something,
just uninstall-reboot-and re-install Quicktime. Reboot one more time to
make sure that the updated registry settings are loaded.