Toonboom to Storyboard Pipeline

OK, so I’ve successfully exported a scene from Storyboard Pro into Toonboom Harmony and tweaked the drawings appropriately.
However, I have no idea how to export the modified Toonboom scene and import it BACK into Storyboard Pro.
Does anyone have any idea if this is possible?



Why do you want the scene back into Storyboard Pro?

Because I’d Like to see how the modified scene flows with the rest of the story after being tweaked in ToonBoom.

I often comp the film in After Effects so when the storyboard-film is finished I will import that into AE and the I also import the scenes made in Harmony and replace the scenes.

You can import a video into Storyboard Pro but I dont think you can import an animate scene.

You are welcome.

I hope it works for you.

Good luck with your work.

/ Mattias

Ha - OK thx for the tip!