Toonboom to NTSC/DV

Hello friends,
I was trying to export small animation I created to NTSC/DV and it looks very pixelated. The quality is very poor. But when I export the same movie into a SWF file, it looks great. What am I doing wrong? Do I need to buy another software application to convert the SWF file into NTSC DV?
Thank you in advance.
Subha ???

take it easy :slight_smile: dv always looks crappy on a computer screen, because the video pixels are rectangular, and the ones on the computer display are square.

any video device will display your film fine.

:slight_smile: Thank you Rob! That helps.

one more qn. Actually when I started the animation, I created the entire movie for 12 frames per second and size was the default (500*330 or something like that).

Now, I need to export it to 3 formats: NTSC (720 by 480, 29.97 fps), DV-PAL (720 * 576, 30 fps), and Flash. So, can I retain the size and FPS (5… * 3…, 12 fps) under Animation Properties, but change just the final export settings?

Also, since I created the movie at 12 fps, all the frames are spaced optimally for this fps, and the movie looks hurried if i now change it to 30 fps under animation properties. I can of course respace all the key frames so that they look good under 30 fps, but is there some other way out? Thanks in advance ! Thankfully, I havent added audio yet.

::slight_smile: ze trouble maker

oops, just checked, and apparently PAL is 25 fps whereas NTSC is 30fps. pls help me out. Thanks again in advance!!


yeah, you’re right, ntsc is a 30fps (actually 29.97) and pal is a 25fps.
what you need is a software converter from ntsc to a pal (because i don’t assume you’d rework your animation from 30fps to 25fps, do i? ;))
i don’t know any tool by heart, look on the net for any.

Hi Subha,

Animation for television and film is usually done at 24fps. Then they use compositing software like Adobe After to convert it to 30fps via a process called 3:2 pull down (many other app support this option). Numerous sites explain this technique if you are interested but you don’t need to know the details. The software will do the work for you.

They don’t re synch the animation for Pal they just export it at 25fps and have it accelerate a little bit. What they do sometimes, they change the pitch (down) of the voices knowing that it will be accelerated a bit and get back to normal.

The difference between 24 and 25 fps is very little and should not be a a big mater unless you are really doing professional projects (in this case you should be doing business with a post production house).