Toonboom Studio vs. Flip Boom All Star Quicktime

Quicktime videos made with Flip Boom All Star work perfectly with my web design software (Rapid Weaver), but those made with TBS don’t. Does anyone know how to setup TBS’s Quicktime so it makes the same flavor QT files as FB?

Try setting your res to match All-Star’s QT export: 852 x 480

Please post your results.

Yes, that works… thanks! Interestingly, even if I put in 720x480, TBS changes that to 853x480. So the working parameters I ended up using:

Compressor: Animation
Depth: Millions of Colors
Quality: Medium
Frame rate: 12 fps
Dimensions: 852x480

Video generated with the above parameters worked with a Mac, but not iOS devices so I revised it as follows:

Compressor: H.264
Encoding mode: multi-pass
Size: 852x480
Quality: High
Bitrate: 500kb/s max.
Audio: Mpeg-4, 16 bit, 2 channel
SR: 44.1kHz
Hinted Streaming

I found later I could squeak by at 300 kb/s max with the few videos I tried. At this bit rate, my 3 minute video was just over 8MB. Not bad for QT at this trame size, frame rate, and quality.