ToonBoom Studio vs Animate

Okay, I’d like to learn to create simple, yet professional looking animations with a view to developing a children’s TV series.

I have a Wacom Cintiq and some experience with Photoshop and (very limited - I managed to create a face burping) Flash.

I’ve started looking at the Toon Boom Studio demo and gone through a couple of tutorials, but I may need to revisit it as I was expecting more of a motion tweening experience like Flash.

I notice that Animate has a load of free video tutorials, would these be useful for learning Studio?

I intend to purchase one package by tomorrow in the very generous leap year sale, so any quick help would be very much appreciated :wink: .


If I were you and was on a limited budget, I’d at least try to get Animate rather than Studio. Aside from the quantity of video tutorials that Toon Boom and others have made available online, Animate has a lot more features that I’m sure you’d like and find useful. Of course, if you could afford it, Animate Pro is even better but Animate will serve you well.

Thank you both for taking time out of your day to answer - I really do appreciate it. Budget isn’t really a huge deal with the price they’re doing for the Leap Year deal, so it looks like we’re going to go with Animate.



Indeed as Zeb said, they are two different products. If you are planning on going towards making something of a professional quality, I’d highly recommend Animate or Animate Pro. The video tutorials are different for Studio and for the Animate line, but within the Animate line you can watch the videos and the concepts will apply for all the software.