ToonBoom Studio freezes all throughout my work sessions

I’ve been using ToonBoom for over a year now, and very often use it to help make my living as an artist.

I hope this is a problem many people have dealt with and that someone will tell me that this problem has been addressed and resolved many times.

I’ve kind of learned to tolerate Toonboom’s insistence on freezing on me for 4-5 seconds at a time when I use a tool and/or switch between tools.

but this problem needs to be addressed if I want to be the most efficient I can be. I’m sure the seconds add up over time, especially when I’ve invested so much time in learning this piece of software to help make my living.

I use Windows 7, and ToonBoom Studio 7.1 which my brother bought for me on sale.

For hardware I use a laptop that’s built for gaming and the smallest Cintiq tablet.

So the problem is when I use a tool, for example the brush tool, very very often ToonBoom would just freeze for 4 seconds. If I’d been scribbling the entire time, the program will catch up once those 4 seconds are up. I always undo that stroke and then continue working. But then the cycle starts over again. it freezes, then I have to wait. I animate frame-by-frame and draw free-handed style. How many minutes do I waste every time I use this thing?

Another problem is the program is “one step behind” like almost in conjunction with the first problem I just mentioned. I scrub to frame 1, for example, it SHOWS frame 2 (but the timeline is on frame 1). I scrub to frame 2, It SHOWS frame 1 (but timeline is on frame 2). The program will be “one step behind” with many different things – selections, transformations, with the fill tool – and the way I’ve been dealing with this problem is using the paint tool to scribble something. Then it does its 4-second shenanigans. Then MAYBE, for the next 10 or so brushtrokes, the program will be “up-to-date” with what I’m doing instead of being “one step behind.” – unless or until it does another freezing and/or one-step-behind marathon.

I really need help with this. I’d very much appreciate any help I can get.

Thank you for your time.

You better contact Toon Boom support