Toonboom Studio Express V3 - Output formats

Hey there.

I am wanting to purchase “Toonboom Studio Express V3” because my Mac is still running on OS 10.3.9, so I can’t use Toonboom Studio 4. My question would be, if Toonboom Studio Express has any limitations, concerning the supported output formats in comparison to Tooboom Studio 4?
An alternative question is: Is it still possible to order an older Version of Toonboom Studio, like Version 3.5 for Mac OS 10.3.9?

Thank you very much for your help.


Concerning the purchase of older version you might want to contact our sales department about this. As for the features just consider that you have only 2 pegs and not effect everything else is in there (you don’t have animated elements so just expect not to have tool to do automatic inbetweening, only hand drawn animation).

Hope this helps.

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Hi Ugo,

thank you very much for the quick response. I will consider upgrading my operating system and buying the latest full version, but for right now, the Express version will do, if the supported export formats are the same as in the full version. TGAs etc.). Could you confirm that, or are there any limitations in this area?
I’m not sure, but how do I contact the sales department about an older version of Toonboom Studio? Is there an e-mail address, I could use?
Again, thank you very, very much for your help.

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Hi Greg,

All off the export format should be there in the Express version. As for contacting sales you can do so at Just mention that you want to buy an older version of the software to fit your OS and they should contact you back afterward.

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Hey Ugo,

Thanks a million! This was very helpful. I’ll contact sales. Depending on the price of an older full version, I will decide whether to buy the express version first and then later upgrade along with my OS, or to purchase the older full version and just stick to my current system.

Thanks, and you have a great rest of the day!