ToonBoom Studio and Windows 10

Hello. I haven’t done any animation for a long time now and thought I would have another go. I still have Studio version 4 and last run it using Vista. I’ve changed my laptop since and upgraded it to Windows 10. I re-installed ToonBoom with no problem and fired it up without any issues, or so I thought. Everything seems to run as normal until I click on any dropboxes in the program. The problem first showed up on the colour palette menu, when selecting “Name” or “Style”. There is no dropbox and the program locks up completely and I have to resort to ending the task with the Task Manager. The same thing happens on the opening screen, where you create a new project and click on the “Format” box, all the menu options with dropboxes. All other menu selections seem to be ok. I’ve tried running the various compatibility settings, including Vista, but still with the same results. Any suggestions please? Dave.