ToonBoom Studio and Bugs Bunny

Hello everyone,

I am really close to pulling the purchase trigger on ToonBoom Studio, but I was wondering, how is it for fooling around and doing animation with the likes of Bugs Bunny and the Flinstones etc? I am not a pro animator, nor am I in the industry, just an old guy who likes to draw and remembers the cartoons from his youth.

I am not looking at buying the more advanced products that ToonBoom has, at least not yet, have to get a few more miles under my belt. I did a search in youtube to see if anyone has created a snippet in toonboom from something like bugs bunny just to see how it looks.

Thanks in advance for your input and feed back.

Hello o0Ampy0o,

I’ve looked at the other animation software from toonboom and would love to work with the animate pro or animate, but this is just a hobby and I’m not quite there and ready to drop the 600+ dollars on it. I would love to, but…

Is toonboom studio good for 2d, old style animation?

I will check out the showcase too.

Have you used the trials yet?

Please do yourself a favor and download Animate and maybe even Animate Pro as well as Studio. The Studio trial expires so focus on that. Then try Animate (which does not expire).

I had Studio 7 for a few months. I looked everywhere and at everything “animation” I could find online. Eventually I saw features being used in Animate and the software beyond that made sense and made things much easier. So I upgraded to Animate Pro.

Even though it has more things to learn a lot of it is done with more refined tools than Studio offers. If you can learn to create a simple animation in Studio you can do the same thing in Animate. It is not like it is so advanced that is like another language. They are similar enough and they all have a steep learning curve before you can get rolling.

I just felt that I could advance faster using Animate Pro. All of the things I have yet to learn about are still there when I get to them. I can use the basics and move into the other things as the need arises. I am very happy with Pro.

Check out the Toon Boom Showcase to see work created with the software.

Sorry jmann12180 I didn’t notice the part of your response asking about Studio.

I’ll echo acolors’ post.

Definitely use a tablet and don’t let anything discourage you.

Hello jmann12180
Toon Boom Studio is an excellent program to start animating.
You find many features to do a complete animation movie.
How good your animations will be depends only on your skills
and imagination. GO 4 IT.
You will not regret it.
Do not forget but you really need a graphic tablet or a tablet computer to properly draw. Do not use a mouse you will never
accomplish anything by trying drawing with a mouse.
good luck
happy animating