ToonBoom Storyboard Pro will not open.

Last night my computer ended up installing a bunch of updates when I went to bed (It turned itself back on and installed them without my permission, it usually always asks but every now and then it will do this)

And when I woke up to continue working on my project it was fine!
Later I saved and closed, did some errands, came back and when I tried to open it it looked as if it closed right away.

So I clicked again to open and it gave me this message “Making Changes and saving the project while being opened by another user can corrupt the scene”
So I clicked Open anyways thinking, eh. Nothin will happen
Well it did open and one of my scenes were completely gone, thank god it was a scene I just started working on.
So I closed and re-opened and it was still gone.
So I re-started my computer and once it came back on it refused to open TB completely. the Project already Opened just kept popping up and it REFUSES to open.
The only way it shows it’s actually ‘there’ and ‘open’ is Processes under Task Manager.

What happened? Is there a way to fix this? I NEED this program my assignment is due very soon and if I don’t complete 10 seconds of work every day I will fall behind.

You need to contact Support.

I ran into a problem installing a program that effected Animate Pro…long story short…Support ended up connecting to my computer online and manually repairing/rebuilding folders that had been scrambled.

This is water under the bridge at this point but I would never setup a computer to automatically update.

Do them one update at a time and NEVER in the middle of any important project.

Also, save a backup file of your projects.

Definitely contact Support.

Good luck.

I’ve contacted them now. Hopefully they’ll be able to fix it up right quick so I can get back to my work!
Thank you so much.