Toonboom storyboard pro (4.2). Is there a save as new version feature?

Hey I’m working on a project and our pipeline requires toonboom storyboard pro. Love the program and brush, but is there a way to save versions like in harmony? Or even a way to “save as” in the same parent folder as to do it manually? This seems like an essential for clients who might want to go back to an older version of a board

You can potentially use “Save As” to do it but I recommend using the
“Backup Storyboard…” feature which will back-up and zip/compress
your project as it currently is. This will then be a snapshot of the project
at a moment in time and you can edit the open project as you will.

To recover the project to its original version, use the “Restore and open
Backup” from the file menu. It will ask you for a folder where it will re-create
the original project. It becomes important to properly name and place the
backups where you can locate them and know their content at a glance.