Toonboom,Sony Vegas,Quicktime and Youtube problem

Im using Toon Boom Studio, Sony Vegas Pro Platnum 9 and Quicktime and when I upload to Youtube the video comes out too dark. It looks like something is eliminating darker color tones and making them black. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks in advance

Forgot to add that im using Photoshop 6.0 as well

The thing that comes to mind is monitor calibration and color working space settings. Are you on Windows or Mac? When you bounce from one to the other there will be a color shift if your color management is hay-wire.

Thanks for the reply, im using windows vista. The thing is when I upload a video in just Quicktime it looks fine but if I go with Vegas to Youtube I get that problem. Ive used the same combo uploading to Aniboom and the video looks fine (but the sound is comes out reverbed or canny which is another problem im trying to figure out)

Double check your export settings. And in Vista, run Vegas under XP compatibility mode to see if it make a difference.

Got it, thanks guys. Rendered it in .wmv(duh :P). Solved both problems