ToonBoom SB2 Crashes all the time

I just did a fresh build on my WinPC (my OS HD Crashed). I’ve installed Storyboard Pro2 SP1 and it will not start. I click open and I see the splash screen but then nothing after. I can check the process and the exe is still running but it has obviously hung. I have a Wacom Intuous Tablet with the latest Win7 driver. A few things I have done.1) Uninstall, reinstall2) I checked the license back and then started to see if the failure is before the license is read. I get a license failure window so the program is making it that far. I then returned the license and it behaves the same in that it starts, the splash screen comes up and goes away and then never comes back so I assume it liked the license it read but is now hung for some other reason.3) I’ve started with all of Norton off so no firewalls, no windows firewalls, no av protection. It makes no difference. Is there a way I can start this program with a shell command that will dump a log so I can debug what is hanging it up? I have started it from a command shell but you don’t report anything or at least a normal command to start does not enable any reporting.

Thanks. I wrote them. I see what they have to say.