ToonBoom + Samurais = Fun Animation

Fellow Toon Boomers,
my friend and I just a finished a :30 animation that used Toon Boom as the main tool for drawing and screenplanning. It’s for a Kansas City radio station that hosted a competition to create their newest ident. It can be found here:

Once you are on this page, click on the “start watching” icon and look for entry #76. If you like it, please take a minute to vote for us. We appreciate your support. Cheers! Chroma_Ghost Studios

Cool animation kcfotog,

Good luck with the contest!


yo! 8)
that shit is amazing man, i liked it.
look, u got my vote in there!
i hope u win that contest. CHEERS

Good job on the animation ;D

Best of luck for the contest

Wow! I really loved it. Could you explain how you did some of the effects? As an example I’m interested in how you did that focus-thing in the first close-up.

Thanks for the kind comments. :slight_smile: As the focus blur on face, it was actually composited in After Effects. It’s just a simple motion blur that’s keyframed. Alot of our shots were first drawn and set up in Toon Boom and then exported as PNG sequences into After Effects for final tweaking. This workflow gave us greater control of our lighting and camera movement.
Chroma_Ghost Studios

yu got my vote lads



Great work. Thank you for sharing the technical details with us! I’m gonna try to play around with that technique now.

Dear Friends,

the commercial contest is over and we didn’t win. Drats. Thanks for all of your support and kind comments.

Chroma_Ghost Studios