ToonBoom Programmers, Will you Ever Make Animate Open Studio Files?

I read some threads on here, I was highly upset to find out that there really is no way to open Toon Boom Studio files in Animate besides swf. The programs are nearly identical.

People at Toon Boom Inc., please, will you ever bridge the connection between Toon Boom Studio and Animate. Please, please , please make this happen.

I have some animations that are a lot a lot of scenes in the Studio file , and I just want to open them in Animate and work on them from there. Please please please do fix this. I know your like 2 differnt programs or something but please please please make this happen. People at Toon Boom Inc, will opening Studio Files ever happen in Animate?

I assume it is the same reason they don’t want ple files able to open in the animate licences is they want teams of developers using programs other than animate and only using animate for the final part of the process.EG if you could PLE files in Animate a studio could buy just 1 copy to render.This argument is weaker for studio (as you did pay for the product) but I think the people at toonboom have a similar line of thinking for it.

Bom dia.Estou com um problema com o programa Toon Boom Animate PLE 2, quando desenho um traço, só o vejo depois que termino de desenhar. é delay de visualização. quando estou desenhando não vejo o traço que estou fazendo, só quando para de desenhar. O que pode ser? ______________________________________________________________Good morning.I have a problem with the program Toon Boom Animate PLE 2, when drawing a trace, only see him after I finish drawing. delay is visualization. I do not see when I’m drawing the line I’m doing, for only when drawing. What can it be?My computer: Core2Duo 2.1 - 4GM - 500 HD - Intel graphic 265mb - SO Windows 7

Hi Fabrizia,I have understood that Intel graphic video cards do not work well with Animate, and it may well be the cause of your problem. Could try a video card that uses its own memory as Geforce 9500 or higher rate, which handle well OpenGL.I have not used Windows 7, so I recommend you consult about with Lilly (Toon Boom support) on this operating system in a new post in Animate forum / Technical SupportYoryo

Regarding the graphics card, yes, the intel graphics cards do not have a good history of working well with our products. You can try to update the graphics drivers for your card, and this might solve your problem, but generally we have found that the intel drivers do not perform well with OpenGL and this is why you are noticing a delay. If you read the system requirements off the website, it states, NVIDIA® or ATI® Video card fully supportingOpenGL with 128 MB of RAM I would recommend buying an NVidia card.One thing you could try, before buying a new video card, though, is try to turn off the Aero theme for Windows. Right-click on the Desktop and hit Personalize, then you can here choose the theme that you want to run. Make sure to choose “Windows 7 Basic”. Once you have this on try relaunching the software. If this doesn’t solve the problem, then it’s definitely related to the graphics card.Hope this helps.~LillyToon Boom Support