TOONBOOM, PLEASE HELP ME -- Overwrite panels does not work properly

Please test this yourself:

STEP 1: Export panels
STEP 2: Re-export the same panels…

Here’s what I see:

ToonBoom asks me if i want to overwrite the existing jpegs.
Regardless of whether I choose “Overwrite” or “Overwrite all”, Storyboard Pro deletes my original jpegs (correct behavior)… then saves the new jpegs with a DIFFERENT NAME (incorrect behavior). Storyboard Pro adds “000” to the scene number identifier in the file name, so where the old file was “CLAW101 EP101-022-I” the new filename is “CLAW101 EP101-000022-I”

My editing program references the file names. When you change those names, you break my animatic. This means every change to the board must be accompanied by a hand-renaming of files.

Please fix this problem NOW. I’m begging you. I cannot wait for your next major scheduled update. This is costing me hours every day.

Check what you entered for the “File Pattern”

Thanks for getting back to me, rkriz.

File Pattern is blank.

Of course, it wouldn’t ask me if I wanted to overwrite if the filename were not identical to the previous export… right?!

Correct. Please don’t rename anything (unless it’s through the software)
while you have the project open for editing or you might corrupt and
break the project.

Any thoughts on this? It’s happening again. This afternoon, once again, Storyboard Pro started adding “00” to every panel, and I have not changed any settings at all.