ToonBoom Opus 6.0 to Animate

We are working on a project that our client requires to have delivered as Animate sourcefiles. Our team has been working in USanimation Opus 6.0, and we have Animate pro in our studio. From our research, it seems like an Opus project can be cleanly imported into Harmony, which can then be moved to Animate via swf export. We are talking 2D traditional assets. No 3D or camera animation. There is some layering, but no puppeting. To do this we will need to get a license of Harmony. I just am checking to make sure this workflow is sound before we take the financial plunge.

Can you export to Solo via Control Center? Opus 7 had this option but I,m not sure for version 6. You would be then able to open this files in Animate or Animate Pro.
It’s also possible to copy the date from you database and put the *.stage file the file what is in the Stage folder in to the root of the scene and rename the file from .stage to (scene name).solo you should be able then to open the scene in Animate Pro. I did that sometimes it worked for me but keep in mind you need all the sub folders as they are.
In the case you really need Harmony to do the Job, the 7.8 version can export to Animate or Animate Pro but not anymore with 9.2 luckily you can run 7.8 with an 9.2 license.
I would not go with swf export since you can get all the data natively.

Thanks for the reply! I was able to change the .stage file into a .solo file, place it in the root folder, and open it in Animate. I get my timeline and everything, but none of the drawings or palettes are loading correctly. I am sure how to go about the step “copy the date from your database”. I do see the .dbexport files in the database folder. Do I do something with those?
EDIT: It seems that when I open my new .solo file, it creates these empty decoy folders in the elements directory, which my drawing layers are pointed to. The result is a timeline and exposure sheet full of information, but no images on the stage. By just moving my drawing elements into their corresponding “decoy” folders, I was up and running again!