ToonBoom logo

Ello, im slowly finishing the project of an animated clip for a band and i was wondering if i could put somewhere a small logo or text that would let ppl know that this clip was made in toonboom. It migh also get on TV.

Would the copyrights allow me that?

Toon Boom Logo png format :slight_smile:

Sweet,even though i already got one with “powered by”, that one would be perfect :smiley:

Iam still in the process of getting the permission from the other sides now as apearently official and at the same time school project can not have any ads that easy.
Im not sure yet if ill be allowed so my supervisor is working on it, but personaly id love to let ppl know that way about ToonBoom as i really love to work in toonboom animate Pro2. It is really avesome program for animation :smiley:

So yeah, it will take a little time to get the answer but thankyou for the support :slight_smile:

Absolutely. If you send an email to Karina at, she can give you links to download the logo.