Toonboom installation on another MAC - urgent!

Hi there,

We are in the middle of a production and need to install Toonboom Animate2 on another mac.
We deactivated the licence on the old mac but when we try to install Animate on the new Mac the program doesn’t start.
Also we can’t open the licence wizard giving us the notice that ‘LICENCE WIZZARD’ can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer.
Even though we downloaded the MAC version from your site from the download section we get this message…
Do you have any idea why we can’t open the software?

This is very urgent.

Thank you in advance

I’d like to add that operation system is OSX 10.9.2

Right-click the License Wizard Application / click Open.
At the Dialog-warning “Are you sure…etc.” Click Open.

Open your Mac System Preferences / Security.
Check: Allow Application Downloads from “Anywhere”.