ToonBoom In Production...

??? Just a thought of mine to ask. Is there animations in main stream production that I could chech out? I just want to see what scope I can get.

Also I am a lone animator. Has anyone had experience with hiring students. Or have any better ideas for getting content.

And last Anyone know of any good courses to take in VA or online. 2D animation with Toonboom. Eventually for my brainchild I want to go 3D.

I’m not aware of any TBS in mainstream production but I may be wrong.

Also, if you put an ad in Craigslist etc. you will be bombarded. There are tons of students out there aching to get into animation, problem is most of their stuff is unsuitable for animation. I suggest going with someone who has taken animation courses and has a demo reel you like. Also, be aware of copyright issues, unless you make a specific license agreement it is they who will own the copyright.

One cheap and handy way to create content is by tracing photos on your drawing dad.