Toonboom Harmony vs. ????? And why?

About to pull the trigger on a Harmony subscription…

Why should I?


Why should I explore your alternative suggestion?

My goals:. Obtain proficiency in top of the line animation software that can offer me a wide variety techniques.

My background: very experienced traditional artist, proficient with all of Adobe Suite. (Specifically not trying to animate soley on Adobe [although I’m aware it is possible])

Hi Javedbhai,

Thank you for inquiring. Most of our users sign up for a subscription model as it allows them more flexibility and in your case it may make sense as well. With a subscription, you can choose a monthly subscription and cancel anytime as long as it is 5 days before the next month’s auto-renewal.

Some of the benefits of a subscription include:

  • Silver support option included with every desktop subscription, so you get immediate access to all product updates
  • Avoid upfront costs, pay for software only when you need it
  • Offered int monthly or annual plans
  • The license can be transferred to another computer
  • No internet connection required after one-time activation
  • You get the identical feature set as the perpetual license version

As you know, Toon Boom Harmony is used in the world’s most 2D productions and it is the go-to animation software being used by the majority of studios worldwide. If your goal is to become proficient on the tool and possibly validate your skills with certification for work at studios then we suggest a subscription. We have many studios looking for talented artists and you can get more information here:

Hope this answers your question,

Kindest Regards,

Toon Boom