ToonBoom Harmony Unable to find valid license.. & Graphic Tablet wont move in Harmony.

I really dissapointed with these 2 issue. Toon Boom Harmony. I just begin Trial for only 3 days. Lukily, i am not buying the product.First my PEN TABLET(GRAPHIC TABLET) wont move unable to work with Harmony.

Work Station PC

  1. Graphic Tablet unable to move in Toon Boom Harmony

  2. Trial success access work well but failed many times.

  3. I already contact my table service. H420 PEN TABLET without button.


  1. Install Harmony 14 when 2017 before repair

  2. After repair and update Harmony Unable to find valid license & …, Unable to login.

I need Toon Boom help me with this licence error. Because I switch my user to different computer & different Harmony 12.2, 14.2 & 15,. My boss want 10 to 12 version only. The problem is cannot buy new version bcoz He can’t open it.


Funny error do nothing. It’s urgent I already delay my animation progress… Where to download Harmony 10?

Hi Messy108329,

Thank you for reaching out, it will be a pleasure to help you.

The tablet that you’re trying to use is not supported or recommended, to obtain additional information regarding Toon Boom Harmony Requirements, please visit . I’m very glad to know that you have resolved the issue on your workstation, however, if becomes recurring let us know we will be glad to help.

For your laptop, I will recommend you to reach out to us at, provide the ID for you account so I can find your account.

Best Regards,

Technical Support Specialist
Toon Boom Animation