ToonBoom Harmony Advanced - exporting alpha

Hi all, I hope somebody will answer this simple essential question: how to export alpha in various formats using Toon Boom Harmony Advanced? I have tried TBH Premium, great software with great features but too much over my budget and current needs, so I decided to purchase Advanced. Unfortunately it exports image seq with alpha only for the png4 format file/export/opengl frames. TGA4, PSD4 ain’t working properly and the export looks like semi transparent alpha channel without the actual alpha! I have already tested it in nuke, fusion, photoshop - same semi transparent image where color should stand solid. I have managed to solve this problem having the node system (in old versions of animate pro 2, and newest harmony premium). However TBH Advanced does not have nodes so I simply can not go to write node and check on tga and thereafter rend it through nodes. TB advanced just does not include it as feature… And there are projects I need the TGA… So please, please, please give me an answer. And yes I checked all the 33 pages for similar problem and I did not find my answer there. Regards and Thank you!

P.S. I decided to enclose prints creens to see what I mean: 1st one is thg4 rend through opengl sequence -obvious no alpha image;2nd one is png4 rend through opengl frames - some progress but huge color data loss appears especially in mid where bitmap colors are applied over the red vector col, black contour is lost as well; 3rd on is my total happy face because the rend is through node system - write node. I will not have the node system when trial expires and neither after I purchase TBH Advanced. So I can forget about this beautiful and perfect rend. 4th one is psd4 rend through opengl just to see if it works by some reason - it does not and it does not matter because psd sequence would eat my HDD for breakfast anyway.

Hey there.

So do you have a preference for the file format? PNG is usually a good one.
Instead of exporting Open GL frames, try doing the following:

File / Export / Images
Then select PNG as the File Type
And select Colour with Transparency under Colour Mode. As long as you select a file format that supports transparancy and to support both the colour and transparency here, you should have no problem getting the alpha onto your image.

Let us know if this works out for you.

Hi there! Thanks for replying me. I do not have export images as option… It does not pop up even if i do the short-key command ctrl+shift+Y. It seems that the export options change a bit depending the version ones purchase. I am currently using premium and i have render as nodes option by default, I guess if I downgrade to advanced I will have render as images option instead of render as/through nodes ( I will lose node system anyway) and thereafter I will be able to render whatever I want. I guess we meet an agreement here considering this super basic mystery question solved once and for all :slight_smile: Thank you and happy holidays!

Is there a “Write” node attached to the composite node?

Set the “Drawing” format to TGA4 to have transparency
(or any other format with 4 in the name)

For Movie exports select a colour depth of
“Millions of Colours +”

To export go to menu-Export-Render Write Nodes