toonboom harmony 17 so slow in mac

hi i’m working in a proyect with some blurs, snow effects and one glow. I want to know if toonboom no works fine with this tools , because my project now is frozen no refresh the scenes and don,t can work need initialice all the time. I have many draws but no a creasy project, any ideas to performance and optimize toonboom?

thanks in advance


mac pro 2013
macos mojave 10.14.6
64gb ram
AMD firepro d500 3GB
cintiq 27”QHDT

Hi dstruble, thanks for your replay, yes i think i need an update but i see the requirements and my mac go fine for Harmony 17.

I changed to Harmony 16 and works better with the same scenes, draws and effects.

Perhaps is Mojave …



Hello eolo!

It would seem that your Mac is near the lower end of our system requirements for Harmony 16 and 17 and that is likely why you are noticing better performance in 16 in this edge case. 17 requires a slightly more powerful Mac and it might be a little too taxing on your overall system.

To view the system requirements for Harmony 16:
To view the system requirements for Harmony 17: