Toonboom Harmony 15 - CRASH on Startup.

For some reason the PC version of Toonboom Harmony 15 stopped working today. Every time I try to open a scene (or create new scene) it crashes. At first I thought it might’ve been a hardware issue but that was debunked because Toonboom Harmony 14 works fine. Am I the only one having this issue? If anybody have any solutions to this issue, it would be greatly appreciated.

Contact support and/or post the details of the crash report from
the Windows Event Viewer’s “Application” logs.

Is your graphic card an Intel onboard card?

I have the same problem. My computer has an integrated Intel graphic card and the drivers are updated.
The error event name is BEX64. I’m attaching a screenshot

Unfortunately you did not post the details of the error message, only
the smallest part at the top which doesn’t provide any info.

A recent Windows update damaged the OpenGL drivers of Intel graphic cards.
Clean your Windows Registry and re-install the graphic card driver.
Modify your system’s update policy to only allow Security updates,
otherwise windows will keep re-applying their update which will
cause the problem to come back.