ToonBoom Harmony 15.0.5 - TB_sceneAboutToClose event callback


It seems there is a strange race condition in the new event callback released in 15.0.5 when a scene is going to close.

It complex to explain what we are doing (sending commands to Harmony from our Asset Manager (webbased) through a opened socket in Harmony. When we call scene.closeSceneAndOpen() though our communication system it returns without any action.

The workaround to avoid this issue is to rename TB_sceneAboutToClose.js in the user scripts folder to anything different.

Calling scene.closeSceneAndOpen() directly in script editors works perfectly, so I thinks its a race condition that I cannot explain but I fix it renaming that script file.

In previous releases of Harmony (prior this new event callback) all works perfectly.

Luis Armengol