Toonboom Harmony 14 Premium keeps crashing

I stopped using Harmony for a work project because I couldn’t figure out how to merge layers without them going all over the place thanks to the peg system, but I decided to give it another try when someone was kind enough to suggest exporting to swf files then re-importing it as a kind of cludged layer merge.

After doing that, I tried to play the images which caused Harmony to crash.
Now it crashes with every project I own. I just hit the play button and it crashes.
I create a BRAND NEW scene in a BRAND NEW FOLDER with no art or anything on it. I push the play button and it crashes.

I have a deadline and I’ll have to use another animation software for now, but could you please let me know what’s wrong and how to fix it?


Go into the Windows Event Viewer and examine the details of the crash.
The last Windows update probably installed a bad OpenGL library (.dll).
Remove or rename this library and restart.

If it still crashes after that, contact support to remotely connect to the
system to have a look.

Please contact support and be ready to provide a copy of the project for analysis.

If you can still see the software menu at the top of the screen it is not a crash,
the software interface autosaved in “minimized” mode. Go into menu-Windows-
restore default workspace to get it back to normal.

thank you. restoring the workspace got me my software back.

My toonboom app is frozen again.
Freezes every time I hit play.

I start a new project,
Restore default workspace.
Draw a circle in one keyframe, draw a circle in another
hit play.
And it crashes.

I can make an obs film of it if you want to see.

Please help me.

I have a lot of work to do.

All right. I have a new project commission to work on and I want to use Toonboom.
But with it constantly crashing on me, I’ve had to use flash.
I tried this work around and it still crashes.
I sent a ticket along with an OBS movie of what happens.
I tried uninstalling and reinstalling.
I’m really at the end of my rope. I would think for 2 grand a program would RUN when I hit the play button after drawing a circle.
I’m also looking at the features of 16, but I can’t drop another 2 grand on something that won’t even run.
Something that won’t even flatten layers properly.
I’ll go through the help process but man.
Buyer’s regret!