ToonBoom files windows to Mac OS

hello everyones,

i’m having issues with that specific process ; I’m working on windows at school and at home I owned a MacBook and when I open a file from school It just don’t shows up my works. but I still have the timeline with keyframe represented. I’m loosing so much time on that issue. why is this so complicated for a simple thing like that ?


The drawing files are saved in a subfolder of the scene’s main folder.

The .xstage file doesn’t contain the images.
You you need all the external sources as well.

To make sure that you transfere all needed files from one computer to another, always transfere the entire folder that contains the .xstage file.

thanks for that !

if I well understood wether in the folder I duplicate / save a new version of my work and then I slide the logo/file .xstage alone onto my usb storage it won’t work on my home studio ?

That’s it. :slight_smile:

Harmony works with external files, such as video editing programs do, for example.

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