ToonBoom extreme lag and not responding

Hi. I have ToonBoom Harmony 12 and I’m experiencing serious lagging issues on a small project, only 8 seconds long. There are very few layers, and I’ve already had to split the project up three times just to work properly on it. I have been using the eraser tool and it seems to not delete the lines, only make them invisible so that if I select an area where I erased the lines are still selected. I think this is adding a huge weight to the drawings. Is there a setting that allows the eraser to delete lines? I am also using the brush tool to draw. The brush itself lags sometimes when I draw but the main problem is the program taking forever to select, move or delete things. It also sometimes doesn’t respond to simple tasks like changing tools. This issue is slowing my work flow down chronically.

System Specs:
i5 CPU
Windows 8

You mentioned brush tool. Probably too many overlapping strokes? Try flattening your drawing to lessen these strokes. Harmony takes a lot of time processing vector images especially if they are too small and too many. I suggest drawing on a separate software and importing it into harmony instead.

About the lines going invisible using eraser tool, I think it’s Harmony having a hard time updating the Open GL.

Hope this helps. Lemme know what happens next.