ToonBoom Express clipart....?

I’m curious, why are is the clipart listed as Bad Guys 00xx pictures
of black folks? A con man and two bank robbers? It just seems,
well, conspicuous. And the Police Academy cops are white.

thats funny i didnt even see that

Stereotypes - gotta hate them. :frowning:

I didn’t notice it either but I hadn’t gone through all of the clip art. I literally have thousands of clip art pics and stuff and just dumped TBS’ ontp my PC.

Hello Fellow TBS Express users,

Wow I haven’t noticed either but I must admit that’s true. We actually received these clip arts from a third party company to bundle with TBS. I’ll make sure to get a black policeman and a white con for the next release ;D

Seriously guys, in no way Toon Boom Animation would voluntary be racist or something like that, sorry if anybody was offended !

BTW: You have full control on the color palette so make your bad guys the color you want :wink: