Toonboom Essential bugs

Over the past few months I have come up against list of bugs, I am on a MacBook Pro 13" 8gb RAM i5 processor running Essentials 20

Boom bugs:

  • Sometimes can’t move layers up or down or drag and drop frames

  • Mouse gesture cut mode very randomly works to chop off over hangs

  • Brush size keyboard short cut regularly stops working, I have to go and re-set it often

  • The break apart text layers seems unavailable except under very specific conditions, which makes no sense

  • I have some brush strokes on a filled area and when the filled area is refilled some of the brush strokes disappear

*When I select several objects the group/ungroup is greyed out in the menu

This is not free or new software, why is it so buggy??? Really annoying

Appreciate some feedback, can just choose one if you like
Thanks in advance