Toonboom doesn't recognize apostraphes?

Any idea why the pdf’s translate some apostraphes as question marks?thanks!

Hi,This may be related to the font that is used in the export to PDF. Try setting up another font to see if you get better result. By the way is this something new and have you changed something on your machine that might have triggered this.Best regards,Ugo

ugo- thanks for the reply. I was copy and pasting out of an open office doc. I found that if I manually type in the puncuations whatever they are the results read better.

I’ve noticed this problem with copy/pasting from Microsoft Word files as well. Apparently Storyboard Pro has difficulties with reading the way MS Word autoformats certain characters, especially “smart” or “curly” quotes. We’ve seen this issue with single quotation marks, double quotation marks, apostrophes, and intermittently, dashes in a scene header (e.g. INT – LIVING ROOM – DAY). There are also occasional issues with accented characters.They look fine in the program, but display as question marks in the PDF output (using the default Courier).Our solution has been to convert the .doc file to plaintext, and run a find/replace on all the problematic characters before importing into Storyboard Pro. (still sometimes have to manually retype accented characters in SBPro)Even if this bug were to be fixed in a new version, I think it would be great to also add a “replace text in captions” function to the program. That would really come in handy!

Figured it out - the problem is that the default font encoding for PDF output – Western (ISO8859-15) – simply does not support certain characters.These include the aforementioned apostrophes, quotation marks, some dashes, and other characters like the symbol.The solution is:1. In the Export to PDF dialog box, click on "Edit Format"2. Beneath the “General” tab, click on the “…” next to the “Font” box3. Change Encoding to Western (CP1252)That should do it! Hope others find this helpful!

:slight_smile: :wink: :DThanks so much for the help. I needed to deliver a Storyboard to a client and I couldn’t get the type to behave. You saved the day for me!Zoobalami

pgave- your solution worked for me too, thanks a bunch!