ToonBoom crashes whenever pencil, brush or eraser tool is selected

I’ve had no issues previously with ToonBoom Harmony until I installed the new Mac OS update, and now I can’t do any art in ToonBoom. Everything else works fine, but when I try to change my tool to the Pencil, brush or eraser the entire program crashes. I’m on the macOS Big Sur and on the latest ToonBoom Harmony Advanced. Happens no matter if the file is old or just created.

Still waiting on a solution, though I know 17.0.3 beta is coming soon and is available via support.
But apparently, it is unstable still.

This problem occurred for me about 3 weeks after upgrading to Big Sur, prior to the crash everything ran perfectly on Big Sur.

Has anyone got a fix for this? I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled this morning and it’s still doing it. It would be insanely helpful if ToonBoom keeps threads with multiple q’s updated with fixes.

I also had a CTD on opening earlier in the week only fixed by creating a new project and sideloading in my own. It’s a mess and wasting so much valuable time.


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I also have the same problem. For me, the problem started up about 3 days ago and I haven’t been able to solve it. I tried downloading previous versions of Harmony, but those had the same issue. Hopefully you had some luck that can make Harmony usable again.

I have the same situation going on.