ToonBoom crashes when i change custom export settings

Im currently using V3.0.1 and when i try to change the quicktime settings ToonBoom just vanishes.

Ive submitted it to the bug report section but i thought it couldnt hurt to see if anyone else knows whats going on?


Even though you might have received the e-mail reply already here is the info if other customer experience this. The issue you are encountering is actually a bug in the Quicktime Player. In any case you can temporarily address this by turning off your video card Hardware Acceleration. Once you change the settings and done your export it is recommended to turn the Hardware Acceleration back on to avoid any slowdowns in the production. Here is the way to get this done:

1. Right click on your desktop and go in Properties
2. Go in the Settings tab and press the Advanced button
3. Go in the Troubleshoot tab and bring the slider of the Hardware acceleration down to None.
4. Press OK and you should now have access to the video settings.

If you are still experiencing some difficulties let us know.

Best regards,


Hey Ugo, cheers for the reply. I managed to fix it by changing the QT preferences to ‘safe mode’ which seemed to do the trick