ToonBoom Contest movies

Other than the 10 that were selected, I’d hoped to see what else was submitted, and what wasn’t chosen to be in the final ten.

To start things off, here is a link to the movie i submitted.

Excellent work, I really enjoyed the storyline and humorous style.
I presume you did all the voiceover yourself, marvelous.


Here is my version of an “unusual encounter”.

Wow, I’m impressed guys. Good work.

How about adding them to our showcase ?

If you are interested, send us an email to showcase at

Anyone else participated ? please send us your shorts.


I can’t believe Nolan and i were the only people to submit cartoons.

mathieu, do you know how many cartoons were submitted?


amazing work Nolan !
but i want to ask some questions here , where did u use photo shop and final cut ? is ur animation not vector ? and u didn’t use scene manager facility of studio ?


Well, the characters, the cars, the mysterious fog and the background design
were all drawn directly in Toon Boom Studio and animated with pegs in cut-out-style.

The planets are bitmaps, cut out in Photoshop, with transparent backgrounds and
imported into Toon Boom Studio’s image layers.

All Toon Boom Studio scene-files were rendered separately and composited
in Final Cut together with sounds, voiceover, title and credits.


wow thanks for reply i got it ! anyway ur work is great !
i checked final cut software it looks great editing tool but i think its only for mac operating systems whereas i need same kind of tool for windows operating system :frowning:

take the free avid free dv from
you have to fill in the online form to get the free key.

the limitations of this tool are 2 video tracks and 2 audio tracks, but it’s a great software, the little brother in the professional nle (non-linear-editing) family from avid.

Please have a look at these links:


do you have a good feedback about working with jahshaka? neither me nor friends of mine have one, alas…

Hi Rob,

I only spend a little time with it, I didn’t find it very intuitive - rather very different.
(But so was “Blender” in the early days) - I presume it was just me.

In the end I decided to go for Final Cut Express and never looked back.

But check it out and see for yourself, I would be very interested what you think.


If you like here is a little review:

i’ve worked a whle with jahshaka a few months before and found it pretty unstable.
maybe the tool has improved lately, i’d have to try it again.
thanks for the link.

i have just tried jahshaka , its not working with windows xp … >:(

Hi everyone,

Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve had time to visit.

I don’t know how many users submitted in total, the movies was first sent to the AFCA for pre selection.

BTW, great work flow Nolan. Final Cut Express makes a great complement to TBS.

Anyone else submitted their animation? I can’t believe there is only two of you :slight_smile: