Toonboom cannot import movs. Acting weird after reinstall.


For work I need to use both Harmony 10 and 11. Oddly I find I can import movs fine into 11, but not into 10. no format, not even ones I could before into harmony 10 before I moved onto a new mac.
This made me think it cant be quicktime or any other external errors, as harmony 11 still works fine, and I went straight to reinstall Harmony 10.
Now Harmony 10 still does not import any video formats, it doesn’t even show a loading bar (to convert into images etc) it just crashes immediately, and when it starts up, it looks different. It simply neglects to load the welcome window so I see an empty grey window instead. However, I CAN open a scene file where someone else in my company imported the video reference file for me. But it remains a problem if I can never do this for myself.
This is a major issue if I can’t do my own setup. Can someone PLZ PLZ help me resolve this issue…

update NOW i find i also cant EXPORT any test movies… TT___TT

No replies? Anyone? I’ve tried installing older version of quicktime (7) altho didn’t uninstall the new one.
I’ve also tried installing ffmpeg thing separate… tried… not sure it worked.
Haven’t figured out if its changed anything…
The last time i tried to render and waited forever… (to see if anything)
I eventually got an error - about media server…
Something like it could not connect to it? (usually just freezes TB)
Anyone? Cud it be the quicktime version?? Altho harmony 11 works fine so…
I am sooo frustrated by this!!!

You need to contact Toon Boom support. This is just a user forum. I would have said this much sooner but I did not see your post initially.

The forum software and the way it is subdivided does not lend itself to seeing everything IMO. I usually do not venture within any of the four sections and just look for new activity at the top level. This, because there is not that much activity and I usually can spot new posts popping in periodically.

Thank you sooo much. I will try them officially, sorry this seemed official so i misunderstood…