toonboom animations by gester

hi guys,
it’s time i out myself as an animator ( whatever may anybody think about it :wink: )
the works are on my webpage:
under the tab, actually beginning from the #07.
the last two are running competitions, that’s why the films are not yet to be shown publicly.
there’s also an english translation for the ‘vorhersehung’ film (number 07, item 2) here:
any feedback will be welcome.

Well since ive seen the ‘vorhersehung’ one before, im just gonna comment on your 10 seconds club one…overall its good, but i think you should put some more in betweens, it seems a bit jerky…i dont wanna offend you but you did say any feedback welcome :stuck_out_tongue:

I didnt actually know u can do 2d on 10 Seconds Club, the few times ive been ive just seen 3d. But do you get given a specific sound clip? Cos ive seen other animations on that site, with the same clip.

Anyway, thats all,


yeah, it’s ok. it’s just what i wanted: a good critique :slight_smile: thanx.
you can actually do any animation type for 10 seconds club, even stop motion.
i wasn’t quite happy with my entry either, because of some other issue, though. i was trapped by the adjacent frames there. i was merely adjusting the previous drawings to keep them flow. as i know now, i prefer to draw from scratch instead of reusing existing drawings, which may not seem my work approach (and therefore not satisfying results). thus the work would look much rougher, but the animation would be more lively.
as i see the film now, those guys are hardly moving.
but the next one (‘home run’) is like i want it to be: a juicy motion. i’ll post the whole film as soon as the competition is completed.
thanx again :slight_smile:

Cool, ill look forward to seeing it!