ToonBoom Animatev2. Wishlist- Scene Manager + Open TBS Files

Hey guys at Toonboom, i really love what you did with Animate!

For me there are only 2 simple things missing that would make it perfect!

1.) A Scene manager!

2.) Ability to open up Toonboom studio files!

I seriously wish I could easily take my toonboom projects and finish them in animate easily.
They are so similar i dont know why its not possible yet. Flash would be great too if at all possible! (and not just those yucky swf files that are just 1 long movie on the timeline).

Well thats it! If Toonboom Animate v2.0 could only have these 2 simple features I would be grateful guys : ) Thanks again for the great product

i played recently with the body transformations of the parented character and i’d love to have the following feature:

- either some art of a magnet tool for deforming the shape of the top hierarchy part (usually the body, but also the thigh in case of a leg or the upper arm in case of a hand) or a distortion tool for it (for animating the masses moving, like the belly of a fat man). each time i try to do it in the current version i get all the child parts reshaped, too.

or is there a way to do it in the current version?
a magnet tool for bending the outlines would be cool for any drawing part, anyway.

not sure if the ‘curve tool’, requested by da23ad in the parallel thread, is meant to be a similar feature…

have u used toonboom with a cintiq? Making curves and things is so much easier with one of those

Anyway, heres hoping for a simple scene manager for the next animate, thats all I really need everything else is fine to me. As long as I can draw, ink and color which I can, just hating stitching scenes with an outside program. It’s almost like defeating the point of being an all in one animation program if you have to use premiere or some other 3rd party app to put all the scenes together. Plus scene manager makes it so easy to get a feel for your entire animation.

Ability to open files that are toonboom studio should be something implemented by default. Working on projects in toonboom and really wish I could switch over to animate but animate doesnt have scene manager and cant read tbs files so im stuck with toonboom for now. They are so similar they really should be congruent with each other. At least preserving layers and scenes. Cmon Toonboom programers, im sure you guys can handle this simple feature : )

I hope Animate never gets a scene manager.Animate is much more complicated than Studio. I don’t understand how a scene manager would ever work.To have one scene with tons of effects like motion blur, glows, shadows, etc and then to expect Animate to be able to load and handle multiple scenes of that complexity and not crash is wishful thinking. I can envision machines not having enough RAM to be able to render out multiple scenes. Then people would complain and a workaround would probably be that you would have to uncheck scenes and render them out one by one and stitch them together in an outside program, which is what we do now!I just want stability and little touches here and there to make life easier. A text tool would be nice, perhaps some refinement in the drawing tools, etc.

The scene manager people want is not have multiple scenes open but to be able to manager the scene they are working on better.For example if I could use folders in my scene I would be able to sort my scene into groups and make it easier to navagate than having one long list.

TheRaider, have you tried using peg layers as folders? I first learned this in ToonBoom Studio and it works in Animate also. Simply create a peg layer, name it appropriately, and drag all other desired layers into it.

You should check out tvpaint, they have a scene manager and have effects and it works out just fine, have some faith in the programmers it might not be as bad you think!I hope toonboom animate does get a scene manager for those like me who keyframe a lot and want to see several scenes together its just so much easier. I just dont see how anyone would not want a scene manager? I suppose if ur not the type to create a lot of scenes by yourself from stratch u might not see the value of something as simple as a scene manager. But trust me it would help a lot of people and for ToonBoom Animate is already super stable. Atleast in the department of drawing and coloring it is for me. I never had any stability issues with any toonboom. Toonboom guys if u could consider a scene manager and also the ability to open toonboom files It would be such a blessing

Exactly, : )

Well, I have used peg layers to organize things but I still don’t see how a scene manager would help things.I have After Effects and Final Cut Express and use those to finish animations done in Animate. The options available with those programs enable one to work faster, explore and experiment, and stitching scenes together isn’t hard at all. Coreyart, what exactly, specifically do you want a scene manager to do? Do you expect it to be able load all of the scenes of say, a 2 or 3 minute animation? Do you expect it to be able to handle all of the effects, blurs and whatnot? And do you expect Animate to be able to render all of the scenes you have set up? To have Animate render all of the scenes and have a finished movie file or swf? Whether it be 2, 3 or 5 minutes long? I still say that is a tall order and would put too much strain on anybody’s hardware or OS.TV paint is bitmap based isn’t it? Isn’t that a different animal from Animate which is vector based? With TV paint do you have scenes that are live? Meaning does the program have to worry about parent child relationships, rigging, IK, morphing, the vectors, strokes, fills, the z-depth of objects, etc. Just because TV Paint can do things with a scene manager doesn’t necessarily mean Animate could do it.I guess I am just used to rendering out scenes and finishing up in another program. This really is standard practice by pretty much everybody. If I am using Cinema 4D to do a little 3D or some motion graphics it still ends up being brought into After Effects. To get things done you have to use multiple programs sometimes and take advantage of each app’s strength.

i am more of a traditional animator, i just do things frame by frame so im not familar with using ik’s in 2d only when im doing 3d animation. . But for just pencil testing and maintaining a bunch of scenes its easier to playback all your scenes together on the fly to make changes and get a feeling of the flow of animation and story together. Toonboom has it, not sure why Animate couldnt too :)Hmmm even a way to just preview a bunch of swf’s file together inside of animate would be enough atleast if you cant have a real scene manager.To me, animate is already pretty perfect(or near perfect). A scene manager is all it needs to me : ) But I see animate 2.- just came out! No scene manager but maybe next time : D Still an amazing program

No scene manager is planned at the moment but this has indeed been an interesting debate and I will bring up the topic on our end here as a feature request.Thanks everyone for all your feedback!~LillyToon Boom Support

What would you like to see improved specifically on the morphing tool? There is one additional effect that will be available in Animate - other than that, the more advanced effects will be limited to Animate Pro and Harmony.Particle effects are an excellent suggestion, but this would probably make more sense in Animate Pro with the network view. I will, however, pass it on as a feature request.~LillyToon Boom Support

The 3D important to me would be the most important plug in for Animate 2. Seeing this performed in the more for less tour in Denver is what sold me on your products in the first place. Animate Pro is a little outside of my price range having 3 kids. Overall I am very happy with Animate and can’t wait until the upgrade to Animate 2. I do agree with some of the users asking for more effects. It is cheaper to purchase a 3rd party software rather than upgrading to Pro for effects.

I understand your limitation. Unfortunately it’s not possible for us to include the 3D import for Animate because of the cost of development of that tool. Also, it has other limitations that would not be useful to a home user, for example you would need to have a licensed copy of Maya as well in order to do the final render of the 3D object. I discussed with the team that did the More for Less tour, and they told me that the presentations that they did, they did show Animate, as well as some features from Animate Pro and Harmony. Although they showed the 3D import tool, they did not say that this was something that would be included in Animate 2. I hope this clears up any confusion.~LillyToon Boom Support

See this is what I like about this company. You guys actual listen to your users! Toonboom seems to be the equivalent of zbrush in terms of innovation in the 2d animation world.But I do notice that a lot of people are interested in stuff like efx. I feel I could easily get similar effects or more in programs that specialize in mainly just efx, but what you dont find in those programs is drawing and coloring tools to make an actual professional tv animation EASIER to make. These qualities are the most important part and the thing that separates animate from the rest. It’s Animates strongest ability. As a traditional animator here’s all I look for in a computer program1.) Pencil Like Feeling when drawing —Check2.) High Quality Inking Results—Check3.) Fast/Easy Coloring—Check4.) Preview All Scenes or Manage All Scenes Fast & Easily—One day : ) ------And I notice most people want1.) Special FX- which includes-particles-3d import-more standard fx includedI think all that stuff is great but it’s just icing on the cake. The most important things is getting those frames drawn out to show the story to the audience. Seems like programs that focus mainly on the special fx end results might be the best choice if you want that stuff now, but if you want anything “drawing and coloring” related what can they do? Even in other animation software forumns, like tvpaint, the average user mainly want more special fx instead of things that will make production easier and not just enhance the final look.However trying to be an all-in-1 solution program can be difficult and we all focus on different areas when we do our animations. Now if I were creating a software for animation or working at toonboom as a programmer, I’d have to think, what would make animation Production an EASIER process for the artist that we havent done yet? What "ease of creation "innovations?1. A scene manager?2. Ability to transfer files from different programs like Toonboom Studio?3. Ability to record audio directly in the program for roughing voice lip syncs until audio is replaced?Then I’d think, what features could we add to help the artist work look better at the end. What “Appearance” innovations?1. particles?2. More special fx?3. 3d objects/import?4. True 3d camera that looks up and downPlus i think its important to make sure everyone gets a chance to try out all these “Appearance” innovations as well :stuck_out_tongue: Not just big studios. The more people try things out, your user base grows, and we get even more support from other users.But toonboom animate can do what matters, so again im fighting for that scene manager lol A scene manager would really complete the program since its aimed towards small studios and individuals and not big companies like harmony does. They have to do most of the work themselves so being able to manage the scenes better would be a breath of fresh air for the independent artist or small studio.

According to this page PRO :-\ will have this feature Rapid management of scene structure on large projects with Element Manager I don’t know if that is the same as the scene manager (assuming like flash) that you are referring to but who knows. Me I am personally happy about the 'Distribute to layers, cause I know the way I work this will be sent from heaven.

Thanks Lilly, Is there still any hope to be able to open TBS5 files in Animate? If I can’t have the 3D import it would be great to be able to still use my TBS5 library in Animate.

Thank you for your input. I understand that being able to open Studio files is something that many users would like to see as a feature request. I have passed this input on for further discussion, but at the moment there is no plan to be able to open Studio files.~LillyToon Boom Support

i’ve checked the curve tool wish description from the parallel thread and it’s not what i meant.

i’d like the tool to deform the symbol’s parent shapes in the transformation tool of the animation mode (or the same for the drawing’s parent shape in the drawing view). i’d like to have a sort of a magnet tool for the outline for that.

as an example to illustrate my point:
while in symbol animation mode i’d like to animate the belly transformations (the curvature of the belly outline, to be exact) of a fat man while the belly is the parent of all other body parts.

at present it’s only possible either to transform the parent bundle with children as a whole or to use the substitution drawings (which requires the manual animation of the transformation steps).
even when i don’t display the children, they transform with the parent.

one could also use the morphing tool, but then all drawings would have to be inserted as substitutions into the symbol, too.


Rob, Thank you for your input here Rob. I will pass it on to R&D. ~LillyToon Boom Support