toonboom animate pro print

I’m new to this so I really need help…is there any way I can print out my drawing I don’t see an option for this…please help, I dont want to print out every frame just one drawing…thank you

You need to export a single frame as an image and print in something like photoshop.

No I dont understand how to do it

First you would decide the resolution of the output image. To do this go in Scene>Scene Settings…> choose one of the existing format or customize one. Let’s say you choose HDTV (1920x1080).

- now go in the Network view> Press the yellow button on the Write module(node).> Normally the output format by default is TGA. If that is not the file format you want, change it from the dropdown menu.

- Save
- go to File>Export>Render Network…> Select the frame you want to create an image from, for example start 10 end 10.> press ok

- it will render that frame to an image found in your scene folder>into the Frame subfolder> final-0010.tga.

- finally use the other program that controls your printer to print that image.

Did this help, Edgar? You can simply export it and then print.