Toonboom Animate Pro 3: Issue with exporting as Movie

Didn’t have this problem before. However, my projects have become a bit bigger as of late. Then again I’m only storyboarding using the brush tool with some simple tween animations within the software currently. I already separate parts of it into seperate projects too as I work.

Everytime I “Export >>> Movie” the software freezes up and doesn’t do anything until I attempt to close it. By then it gives me the generic “not responding” windows error.

I find that restarting the computer fixes this issue, for now… But could anyone give me any pointers as to why I’m having the problem in the first place?

My computer is a Windows 8, 16GB RAM, 64bit, Intel-Core i7, GeForce GTX660 graphics card.

This is Toon Boom Studio forum, not Animate Pro 3 :slight_smile:
I never see this before but one of possibility is might be a security reason that when rendering movie happens, it runs service to convert movie file that if your machine has some security settings monitoring all the services running, it might take sometime to check before running. Other possibility is purely hardware issue that has a slow reading/writing disk unless the compression of your movie is also added this incident. Try using uncompressed (ex, Animation code with all key frames) codec to see if it speeds up (be ware of file size due to uncompressed movie file). Hope this gives you some idea.