ToonBoom animate exporting issue

Hi all, I’ve got a problem regarding toonboom animate when it exports into ANY format (frame, video, flash…)
I had some photoshop PSD images that have transparency so that I can layer them in different layers. These are pretty large psd files (set at 200dpi).

I go to export the clip and it gives me a C++ runtime error and then shuts off right when the exporting progress bar starts.

What’s going on? I kind of can’t really change anything in this scene because the PSD files are required at their size…

Do you have enough disk space? Ram?
What os are you on? 32 or 64 bit?
How big is the bitmap and output resolution?

Every scene does this or just one?

I have 2GB of ram
an 80GB HDD with at least 20 GB or more free
I am running Windows XP Professional 32bit

the bitmap? well they’re imported PSD files that are set at 300dpi I believe they’re around the sizes of 2,000px by 800 or so; its just very long
my output resolution is 720x480 at 24fps; standard NTSC

That doesn’t sound too big bitmaps. I’m surprised that the frame output crashes also. Usually that error message relates to having exceeded your ram. I can understand when doing a movie in HD for example because first it renders each frame then it has to create a movie out of these. All the time keeping thoses frames in memory but since you say it does it also when rendering a sequence of images that is weird.

After a reboot of your machine try to check the memory use in your Task Manager to see if it goes up and then crash. This would help figure out if it’s a memory issue.

Do you have many bitmaps in your scene? Do you have very complex vector images with lots of strokes?