Toonboom and Digital Pro

Hey I was working with toonboom and really really love it now. Because I finaly got used to it I decided to try Digital Pro again and got the hang of that for the basic stuff like animating and drawing. One thing I noticed though was that toonboom digital pro doesnt have a scene manager and you cant resize a pencil line that you already made. Is anyone else having the same issues here or is it just me? lol Im starting to wonder if Digital Pro really is better for frame by frame animation, besides the special effects part?

It doesn’t have a scene manager because each file is a single scene. My guess is that this allows the computer resources to maximize on the scene currently open. It also mirrors the work environment of Harmony, the technology it is based on.

The line thing I can’t speak to as I pretty much use the brush.

I should also qualify that I haven’t used Digital Pro in some time as I goofed and got a laptop with the wrong video card and haven’t yet remedied the situation yet.