Toonboom advanced refuses to open files

can somebody please help?
i’m having a problem in toonboom where its refusing to open my files
when i click to launch toonboom then click to load a previous file instead of a new canvas ill see the program flash up for a couple of seconds then close completely no warning dialogue or anything

also opening a new canvas there seems t be some sort of loading problem? it will open but brushes will appear extremely pixelated while drawing them (return to looking like a normal brush stroke when i release the stroke) the brushes in the brush selection option also appear pixelated and never load in
my laptop in a brand new one and not cheap so I highly doubt its my laptop

this problem also only started happening recently ive had the program a few weeks and its only last week this started happening , its really causing me problems with getting work done for uni
any help? : (

(attached what the brush looks like when using i in a new canvast)

What’s your graphics card? Sometimes you need to manually add Harmony to NVIDIA graphics card via it’s control panel. Make sure the software is listed under Manage 3D settings > Program Settings on the dropdown ‘1. Select a program to customize’. If it’s not listed click on Add and select the exe file.

Also make sure your graphics card driver is up do date, restart if you update it and check again.

To add to what lcanau said…

In the profile settings:
Set the OpenGL rendering GPU to only the NVidia card.
Set Power Management Mode to prefer Maximum Performance

This resolved my problem Thank you!