Toonboom 6 with animate promotion...What's advantage of having both?

I’ve been looking into upgrading from tbs 5 and I saw they are now offering a deal where I can get animate with it for a hundred or so dollars more.

Since animate took the place of studio pro, I always thought animate was simply an “upgraded” studio. (and thus animate pro was an upgraded upgrade)

I’m confused as to why I would want both studio and animate, especially considering tbs 6 is basically just tbs with the puppet tool (minus IKs so it seems) that animate has had since day one.

Is there some features tbs has that animate does not?

If I upgrade now I’m going to get both because it’s cheaper than simply buying animate.

I’m just curious as to why I would want to bother with tbs6 when animate, as far as I can see, does everything it does but better.
(minus text tool, which I never use anyways so…)

I haven’t used TB6 so I don’t know, but you can download the animate PLE and try.Have a look at the feature list too.That is an odd deal since TBS files can’t be opened in Animate which would make working in both interesting. I am not sure what sort of workflow you would use to take advantage of both.

The only difference I’m seeing is that tbs supports camera importing for things like claymation…which I don’t do…so animate is obviously a 100% upgrade for me.

Animate has z depth for multi planes, that is pretty big and signifcant that studio doesn’t have.

I have both, and I can say the “feel” of the two programs are very different. TBS is a very stripped down user interace, making it pretty good for simple puppet (cut-out) animation projects like you might do in Flash.Animate, on the other hand, has the best vector drawing and painting tools of any program on the market (my opinion) and thus I use it for creating traditional 2D animation.Neither of these programs, by the way, is ideal for putting together the final project. For that, I still use After Effects.

Well I’ve considered TBS the best vector drawing program I’ve used as of yet, and often times instead of hopping in illustrator to make some vector art, I just use TBS and export it. It’s just so much smarter and faster with vectors.And After effects is the reason i haven’t purchased animate yet. A lot of the things in it are easily done in after effects.However the deal right now seems too good to pass up. Getting Animate for 250 dollars basically (and a tbs6 I probably won’t use much) and will add some convenience and let me do a lot more work within the program.I really only do traditional animation in tbs right now, so even further improved vector drawing tools sounds great to me.

Toon Boom Studio and Animate are different tools for the same job.This means you have to decide very early which tool you want to use for your upcoming project.Because there is no easy way to exchange the project files between these applications. It is not even possible to open the Studo template files in Animate! So if you want to switch from one Application to the other, you should first ckeck if you can use your exsisting assets in your tool.I have both tools because there was an promotional offer some time ago, but you can only use one tool per project - and you have to learn two tools - because they are different.