Toonboom 15 this year?

Just wondering, any news on whether there’ll be a TB 15 this year? 14 released 2 months from now last year and there was news beforehand, but haven’t heard much for 14.

Thanks for the link o0Ampy0o, insightful. However, since they acquired in March 2016 and released Producer in May 2017, that’s just a little over a year to dig into the code and see what they want to use and integrate into Producer. From they’re own words:

“We are looking forward to integrating select features and technologies from TACTIC Studio into our new Producer solution,” said Francisco Del Cueto, CTO of Toon Boom Animation. “The architecture behind TACTIC Studio’s functionalities are set to strengthen our new generation of tools and products for asset management and production tracking. …”

So, it looks like they were doing they’re own tools and acquired TACTIC to flesh out those tools and integrate features from it. I’d say it would still take time and team members to get everything working they way they wanted.

I do agree with you that Harmony should have been a higher priority since they didn’t put any updates out for ver. 14. All good, I guess, for TB.

I hope that there will be released a new version at this year’s MIFA, which takes place during the Annecy Animation Festival in june.

TB 15 will only come when Toonboom has fulfilled the commitmentss to major studios. They don’t care about independent artists or animators. They only put out a new update when they have built things for major studios. So, if you are waiting around for Toonboom to fulfil the needs of independent animators; you will be waiting a long time.

Assuming this is correct.
“They only put out a new update when they have built things for major studios.”
So major studios like Disney are seriously working with this hasnt-been-updated-for-almost-a-year, buggy piece of something without even complaining?

“Two big announcements to come out in June 13th from Toon Boom”, says on their Facebook. That’s during Annecy/MIFA. I suppose one would be a new version of Harmony.

Sweet, nice find!

Good job presenting that info! I subscribe to the newsletter but cannot recall ever receiving one.

It could mean anything. Timing is right for TB 15, since they haven’t had an update to TB 14 since it came out. But, it could mean anything. They could have sold out to Autodesk or shutting down development, or open sourcing everything. hehe Either way, it looks like they have finished up their studio only development for this year and need to make more money. /s

Whew so it won’t be nothing?

Yipi, I can’t wait to know the announcements [and to see the new version :)].
@lcanau: Thank you for sharing the info.

Maybe the second announcement will be “… and the pricing for upgrade will be extremely reasonable”.

Now is the time to purchase silver support to receive both support and upgrade at price of silver support.

If I understand well, that only works if you are not without a support contract for more than three months?

You have up to 90 days to renew your support contract after it has lapsed. Once renewed, the support period will be backdated. Please be aware that you cannot renew support if a new release of software has been announced after your support contract has lapsed unless you first upgrade to the new version.

flaky and punitive terms. i’ll bet that many who let their contract lapse just don’t come back, with terms like this. why not just call it what it is, a subscription plan, and let folks buy in when they need to? if they are lapsed, no access. easy. re-subscribe and you are right back to animating. no need to punish loyal customers with these artificial constraints. i’ve been using and renewing harmony for years, and while i can accept a subscription model (hey, everyone’s doing it!) i’d be mighty pissed if i had to pay “punitive damages” to just resume my use of the software. there are significant chunks of time that i am not using harmony while i am doing other sorts of work, but i retain this Pavlovian fear of the punishment that ensues from not keeping my support intact and keep my support contract paid-up anyway.

i don’t even think that harmony 14 should have counted as a “new release”. it had many bug fixes, which i must give toonboom credit for, but it was just that – a maintenance update. certainly not commensurate with a year’s cost of renewal to stay “up to date”. i’ve ranted about it elsewhere, but i still think it is a joke that they decided it merited TWO version number bumps from h12. and then nothing. this is an ancient software development mentality, and toonboom needs to grow out of it. i don’t know how they will remain competitive for even the next 2 years, with the other (much cheaper and/or free) animation tools clearly demonstrating regular progress and passion toward improvement.

i’ve renewed my harmony support in january, so i’m all set, but i am expecting some strong and significant improvements in whatever version of harmony they will be releasing this year. if it’s another flop, i’ll have to consider the value/need of renewing again next year. please surprise us with an amazing new release in june, TB.

As of this moment nothing has been announced. They have only said there are two important announcements to be revealed.

The 90 day stipulation and backdating encourages users to maintain their contracts and to invest money annually. It also discourages people from taking advantage of the plan. In theory, you could coordinate lapses so you were paying less money over a larger span of time while remaining eligible during the most likely periods when a new release would come out.

To get into a support contract you must already be up to date with the current version or it must be a simultaneous transaction. If you are in a contract you are considered current even if you have chosen not to install and utilize a current version of the software because you are eligible for the upgrade. It is built into the program that you cannot leap over multiple upgrades for the price of one support contract. This aspect is consistent with software in general. Typically, current users pay the least when upgrading to the next version.

The plan also takes some pressure off having to dazzle everyone with enticing features to get them to buy in or upgrade. When you are good to your customers it is easier to keep business than to attract new business. They also know in advance they can count on some income even if it is less than they would receive if a regular upgrade plan was the only thing offered.

It is a sensible business model.

As with most business transactions there are risks and negative consequences if either party come up short on expectations or obligations.

A contract is an agreement with specific terms between two or more persons or entities in which there is a promise to do something in return for a valuable benefit. A subscription is the action of making or agreeing to make an advance payment in order to receive or participate in something. There is a difference and while it might come down to semantics one term hones in more precisely on given circumstances than the other.

As you have expanded upon your proposal of calling it a subscription I would add that you are really suggesting more freedom to do as you please. A business has a right to define the limitations of its offers. Your proposal (a rhetorical question or not) overlooks what is being offered and sacrificed in order to extend the offer to you in the first place.

On the newsletter I received less than an hour ago, Toon Boom announced they will launch “a new web-based production tracking and asset management solution to meet the growing demand for content”. They also mention an update of the website, learning resources and a new look. No mention of a new version of Harmony.

Looks like no TB15 at mifa. They posted the news on their facebook: the two big reveals is the new logo/look you see on forums here and site, and producer for TB to be the inbetween storyboard/harmony the 2nd one.

Well, if TB spent all their time designing and building Producer; then, Harmony 15 won’t be a substantial update; especially, if they are not announcing or showing a Harmony update at MIFA. That means, the update isn’t that spectacular or they don’t have much to show. What a let down. It looks like studios, again, get something but independent animators are left to our own workarounds to our workflows.

It would be nice to know WHEN the Harmony update will be coming though, ToonBoom.