toon does not animate on youtube

I uploaded my first toon to youtube. Per their specs it should be okay as .mov file and under 100mb (mine is 63mb). It’s about 3 min long.

When I play it on youtube it plays as though it was a series of static images with no animation. The running time and audio are fine. It behaves as though it is just holding one key scene image for every scene with no movement.

Anybody experience anything like this? It plays beautifully on my own PC with Quicktime. It is the exact same export file I uploaded to youtube.

Hmm, I think Youtube is slaughtering your animation when trying to re-convert from .mov to their native format, But I do know they suggest using mp4 video with mp3 audio formats (which will also result in a much smaller file).

Maybe you could reconvert your vid to mp4 before uploading it? I know it’s extra work but it’s well worth the trouble, I can tell you that from experience. ;D

Hope that helps.

I just had a problemlike this the other day. It was only using key frames nd skipping all the others, Just go to your output settings and set key frames to all. It worked for me, or, at least it was fixed after I did that, whether that’s what actually fixed it or not I can’t say.