toon boon harmony advance has stopped working

yesterday i bought a wacom mobile studio pro 13’ i7 512 gb
i installed toom boom harmony advance for testing
i was able to animate for a few hours
today, when i tried to continue animating
the program gave me this error
toom boon harmony advance has stopped working
i restablished my wacom pc
in case it was a problem with the tablet
but the problem hasn’t been fixed and i think it has something to do with toom boon harmony
my graphics card is a intel iris graphics 550 but i don’t think it had anything to do with this otherwise it wouldn’t have worked yesterday
i animate directly from the pc-tablet and it’s a very powerful one made especially for animation.

Please help me.

Have you also updated the OS?
Harmony requires a video card fully supporting OpenGL but the intel card you have on the system is not fully supporting it.
Do you have any other Nvidia card on your Wacom Mobile Studio Pro or just intel card?
If you only have the intel card, please try the following if it helps.
-Update your Intel video card driver
-Set up your Intel video card configuration as for the better performance or for Gaming

Since it was working before with your Intel card, something has been changed (especially when there is a windows update).
Although it is not supported video card, please try it.