toon booms's equivalent to illustrators ''scale strokes and effects''????

I want to scale some pencil lines i drew with the select tool, and i want to keep the same proportions. How is this done?

Right now it keeps the pencil thickness exactly the same thickness as it was before scaling, which makes it look like the pencil lines are thinner or thicker than they should be.

that way is not really useful.
if you have a simple line its ok. but if you have a modulated line, when you convert to brush its ok, but when you convert the brush to line again, it’s destroyed the line!

i can’t believe that toon boom doesn’t have any way to fix this important issue!

I discovered a better way to scale that proportionally scales without any conversion sacrificing expressiveness of a line.

The problem with everything scaling except the line thickness is eliminated when you scale using the Coordinates and Control Points Editor viewing with the Camera window.

From the top menu bar => Window => Coordinates and Control Points: Scale by entering a number or using the slider of the field.

NOTE: Your Camera window Zoom is a factor in what can be entered in the fields. For some reason I do not understand yet you may not be able to enter the number you want one way but can do so the other way. For example: I enter 4 in X but can only enter 2 in Y but I can slide to 4. If I Zoom way out I can enter 10 in Y and 10 in X. Again, I can only describe symptoms. There is probably an undocumented rule set up that would explain why it works this way. In the meantime just make sure you have enough room to scale up so all of the selected lines remain in the final output screen boundary and try the alternative input and don’t give up.

thanks for the tip! its not the best way, but at least is something…
in harmony 11 happens the same?

Hold Shift when scaling to retain the proportions.

You can get the lines to scale if you convert the pencil lines to brush strokes:

Select with the Select Tool => Drawing (from top menu bar) => Convert => Pencil Lines to Brush Strokes

You can convert them back to pencil lines after scaling if you want the characteristics of pencil lines instead of brush strokes.